Jou Week In Groote Kerk, 15 Maart 2020

Jou Week In Groote Kerk, 15 Maart 2020

Nuusbrief, Sondag 15 Maart 2020...

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Church and justice event / Kerk en geregtigheid byeenkoms


Church and Justice Gathering

Do you know what I want? I want justice – oceans of it. I want fairness – rivers of it. That’s what I want. That’s all I want.  Amos 5:24

14 – 16 March 2014
Groote Kerk Cape Town

Various sectors of civil society including organizations and churches are invited to gather to reflect on issues of social justice and human dignity and how churches respond to various related themes.

Registration: R50 – ALL registration will be paid into an education fund for 5 month old Lesray Mentor. She was orphaned after her mother was the innocent victim of gang violence in Retreat.

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Kerk en geregtigheid byeenkoms

Maar laat die reg en die geregtigheid te voorskyn kom, laat dit aanrol soos watergolwe, soos ‘n standhoudende stroom. Amos 5:24

14 – 16 Maart 2014
Groote Kerk Kaapstad

Registrasie: R50 – ALLE registrasie gelde gaan na ‘n onderwysfonds vir gestig is vir 5 maande oue Lesray Mentor. Sy is wees gelaat nadat haar moeder die onskuldige slagoffer van bendegeweld in Retreat was.

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Time Event Venue
Friday 14 March
19h00 – 21h00 Plenary Session & Worship Groote Kerk
21h00 Straatwerk Outreach TBA
Saturday 15 March
09h00 – 11h00 Plenary Session & Worship (Shane Claiborne) Groote Kerk
11h30 – 12h30 Presentation/Workshop 1* All venues in CBD/Gardens area
LUNCH Own Responsibility. The Church Centre will be open as relaxation area.
14h00 – 15h00 Presentation/Workshop 2* All venues in CBD/Gardens area
15h30 – 16h30 Presentation/Workshop 3* All venues in CBD/Gardens area
19h00 – 21h00 Plenary Session & Worship (Shane Claiborne) Groote Kerk
Sunday 16 March
10h00 Service (Shane Claiborne) Groote Kerk
ccs Learning to hold onto contemplation and action. Contemplation can be seen as individualistic, privatized and world-denying. But how can healthy, contemplative Christianity be nurtured within a society yearning for silence, but also for an authentic engagement with numerous contemporary challenges related to social justice issues? How does such a holistic, contextual, contemplative spirituality look and feel like?
Presenter: Laurie Gaum, Carel Anthonissen
echo ECHO Youth Development provides a support system for vulnerable youth in South Africa. High School Youth and Young Adults from different cultures live together in several houses, called Echo Communities. JACO STRYDOM will present on moving from brokenness to community. Charity is not unique to the church, but the church can offer more – community. The alternative to “throwing crumbs to the poor” is not to throw chunks of bread, but to share a meal. He will explore the deeper journey of followers of Christ in being light and hope.
Presenter: Jaco Strydom
straatwerk Ministry concerning Prostitution – Our aim is to see local churches engaged in the prevention of those at risk of entering prostitution and the restoration of those who have been involved in prostitution. We gladly share the HOPE alive in our hearts, as we have the privilege of seeing Jesus transform the lives of those the world has given up on.
Presenter: Madri Bruwer
straatwerk The rehabilitation of our communities through the improvement of relationships, interaction and co-operation until it is workable. Is this possible? Can the un-employable, the employable and the empowered co-operate to live free and industrious lives, serving the whole community?
Presenter: Hannes van der Merwe
zoe Zoe Trust is a community programme where our aim is to make a positive contribution to life in our community by providing a safe and caring environment. Heideveld is an area that is plagued with high levels of poverty, gangsterism and many forms of abuse. At our home in Badsberg Close love rules and help is always at hand. We also run different weekly programmes.
Presenter: Lisa Truter
kairos Kairos Southern Africa carries forward the legacy of Kairos theology in Southern Africa. In this session an overview will be given on the work of Kairos Southern Africa, including its partnerships between various movements throughout the world and other organizations such as the Centre for Christian Spirituality. The Global Young Adult Festival as well as the way forward for the Kairos movement will be discussed.
Presenter: Edwin Arrison
ijr The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation helps to build fair, democratic and inclusive societies in Africa through carefully selected engagements and interventions. In this session different lenses will be explored through which justice is viewed in order to find synergy/ common elements. Whose ethics? Whose values? Whose pain? How do we make sense of these and can they help us to advance Mandela’s reconciliation legacy?
Presenter: Stanley Henkeman
cmm Alan Storey will present on Economic Justice – A journey through the Scriptures

Presenter: Alan Storey

warehouse The Warehouse will be running a participatory workshop for all Christians who want to understand more deeply the role of the church in the purposes of God’s Mission in the World.
We will be exploring together how the big picture of God’s story, through scripture, inspires and equips us to live out a holistic gospel as a community of churches in Cape Town and beyond.
Presenter: Caroline Powell
ngk The 5 pillars of poverty and its challenge to the church

The Ministry for Poverty and Care is an initiative of the Dutch Reformed Church (DRC) and the United Reformed Church (URC).
Presenter: Braam Hanekom

fikelela This workshop will look at how to get churches mobilized to become involved with community outreach. The step by step process of how to start community outreach will be looked at and then will then be linked with other societal issues. This session will be very interactive & participative.
Please note: The manuals for this session cost R20-00 each
Presenter: Beverley Hendricks
exposed We believe that something can be done about corruption. The problem is complex and the perpetrators are often powerful, but the Church, ordinary citizens and civil society organisations can make a difference! EXPOSED2015 is a global campaign aimed at making this possible. This session will introduce transformational advocacy and equip you with some practical tools to participate in the campaign.
Presenter: Craig Stewart & Margie Jansen
commongood Common Good will present how to mobilize and equip a church to respond to social justice. The presentation will cover key learnings and mistakes, how it has partnered with other organisations and what the future plans are for impacting the city.
Presenter: Richard Lundie
PS Logo in Red Evaluating Your Impact: Are You Making a Difference?
Simple and effective monitoring and evaluation can be a powerful tool to help your cause make the greatest impact. Discover how to identify, measure and communicate your impact and receive free electronic resources that will help you celebrate your success.
Presenter: Jedd Schroy
p4p Partners for Possibility: Reciprocal learning partnerships between school principals and business leaders to ignite change in SA education.
Presenter: Louise van Rhyn

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    Shane Claiborne graduated from Eastern University and did graduate work at Princeton Seminary. In 2010, he received an Honorary Doctorate from Eastern. His adventures have taken him from the streets of Calcutta where he worked with Mother Teresa to the wealthy suburbs of Chicago where he served at the influential mega-church Willow Creek. As a peacemaker, his journeys have taken him to some of the most troubled regions of the world – from Rwanda to the West Bank – and he’s been on peace delegations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Shane is the leader of The Simple Way, a faith community in inner city Philadelphia that has helped begin and connect faith communities around the world.
    Shane writes and travels extensively speaking about peacemaking, social justice, and Jesus. Shane’s books include Jesus for President, Red Letter Revolution, Common Prayer, Follow Me to Freedom, Jesus, Bombs and Ice Cream, Becoming the Answer to Our Prayers – and his classic The Irresistible Revolution. He has been featured in a number of films including “Another World Is Possible” and“Ordinary Radicals.” His books are translated into more than a dozen languages.
    Shane has written for Esquire, SPIN, Christianity Today, and The Wall Street Journal and he has appeared on a range of broadcast media, from Fox News and Al Jazeera to CNN and NPR. He has given academic lectures at Harvard, Princeton, Brown, Liberty, Duke, and Notre Dame and speaks regularly at Christian festivals and conferences around the world.

    Many other speakers and discussion groups taking on issues of social justice.

    Shane Claiborne van Philadelphia VSA. Shane het al saam met Moeder Teresa gewerk, was in Baghdad toe die VSA die stad gebom het. Hy beywer hom vir geregtigheid deur sy beweging the Simple Way. Skrywer van The Irresistible Revolution.

    Verskeie ander sprekers en besprekingsgroepe wat sake van sosiale geregtigheid aanspreek.



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